uShip offers two different ways to pay - Booking Deposits and uShip Payments. Options available depend on the type of items you book.

If you only paid a portion of the total cost of your delivery at checkout, then you payed using Booking Deposits. You'll be able to identify this payment method on your Booking Confirmation page by the terms, Deposit and Total Amount Due.


When paying using Booking Deposits, you'll pay your deposit through our site at checkout, and the remaining balance directly to your service provider at delivery.


Deposit - Total amount paid through uShip at checkout in order to book your delivery. It essentially includes everything NOT going directly to the driver.

Deposit = Service Provider Fees (portion of Quote Amount) + Service Charge + Insurance

Total Amount Due - The amount you'll pay directly to the service provider. We typically recommend waiting until delivery to make this payment.

Total Amount Due = Total Cost of Delivery - Deposit (paid at checkout)

To review which types of payment methods your particular service provider accepts, head to the Quote Details section of the Booking Confirmation page. It's important that you make this payment upon delivery in order to receive your delivery.

We hope that you'll take the time to leave feedback for your transporter after you complete your payment. Your feedback helps to keep our marketplace honest and insightful for our future uShip customers.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Center or contact our Member Support team by clicking here.

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