How to Deliver Heavy Equipment - Transporter Guide


Heavy equipment transporters are highly specialised. They understand the special handling and permitting needs of these giant listings, and have the right equipment to handle them. If you're a heavy equipment service provider, and you're ready so start booking items on uShip, here's how to get started.

Before You Book

Make sure you have the right equipment for the job. Only bid on heavy equipment you're specialised in and have the hardware to handle. Be sure you have the correct equipment to properly load and unload this expensive property to avoid damages.

Ask the right questions. Don't assume anything when it comes to heavy equipment. Make sure all of the weight and dimension measurements in the listing are correct, and make sure the listing is accessible and ready to go at the dates agreed upon.

Know which permits will be required. Make sure the cost of all of these permits is calculated into your all-inclusive bid.


After You Book

Obtain any permits you may need. Know your route, and understand all height and weight restrictions.

Use a Bill of Lading. Make sure to get your customer to sign off at both pickup and delivery. Make note of all preexisting damage, and take pictures as much as possible.

Provide your cargo insurance certificate. Your customer will want this information in hand, for an easy claims process, in the event that damages occur to the valuable equipment you're transporting.

Load the equipment on the truck carefully. Secure the load tightly, and be sure not to damage the equipment. Unload on a level site. Remove all tie-downs before unloading. Use a spotter when driving the equipment off the truck.

Be prepared to receive payment. While some uShip listings require the release of a special code to be paid, this is only true for about half of the heavy equipment items on our site. The other half will require alternative payment upon delivery. Look at your booking confirmation for details. Reach out to your customer when you're an hour or two out from delivery to make sure payment will be ready when you arrive.

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