Managing uShip Settings in Shopify


From the Settings view within your uShip app, you can configure API tokens for Advanced Shipping Rules (or other integrations), uShip quote display, and manual versus automatic listings.




API Token

Generates a unique API token to supply to other third-party Shopify apps. You can only have one API token active at a time; regenerating the token will obsolete the previous one. For more details, please see Adding uShip Rates to Advanced Shipping Rules on Shopify.


Determines if uShip quotes are shown or hidden at checkout for your customers.

Listing Creation

Options to determine if orders are automatically sent to uShip after checkout or if they require manual submission through the More Actions menu on the order details page. The uShip-Shopify app will default to a two-week shipping window when listing your shipments. These listings and respective timeframe will be set upon purchase. If you require additional time or your item will not be ready within this window, please leverage the "Manual Send to uShip" button to release your listing once ready.

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