What should I expect from an ePOD shipment?


The uShip ePOD provides a digital Bill of Lading that is consistent, instantly uploaded and secure. 

The goal of ePOD is accountability for everyone involved in a shipping transaction. Not only does instant-access proof of delivery make life easier and more efficient for carriers, it also offers peace of mind for the shipping customers who rely on them.

At Pickup

Drivers will add notes on the condition of the shipment at pickup either from the uShip app or their mobile browser. They will then show you, or your pickup contact, the information collected before asking for your signature.

At Delivery

Drivers will add any relevant notes  once more at delivery. They will then show you, or your delivery contact, the information before asking for the delivery signature. You can review all the information collected at this point, but once both signatures have been completed, the ePOD cannot be edited.

After Delivery

After finalizing the delivery, a PDF copy of the ePOD will be available to both the authorized carrier and the uShip customer via the Shipment Listing view in their uShip app. This digital copy will be stored on the listing; however, we advise that you download and save the PDF for your own records.


Please reach out to your Account Manager to learn more about working with ePOD.

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