Adding uShip Rates to Advanced Shipping Rules on Shopify


If you want to provide multiple shipping rates for different products in your Shopify store, instead of a single rate for all products, uShip recommends using Advanced Shipping Rules. Advanced Shipping Rules is a Shopify app that enables you to define more complex shipping options for your products. For example, you may want to define a particular shipping rate for specific items, and another rate for other items. Learn more about Advanced Shipping Rules here.

There is a monthly cost to use Advanced Shipping Rules. Learn more about Advanced Shipping Rules pricing here.

Do I have to use Advanced Shipping Rules?

No, it’s not required. However, if you want to have more flexibility in your shipping options, the uShip app is compatible with Advanced Shipping Rules.

Enabling the uShip integration in Advanced Shipping Rules

1. Follow the steps to install the uShip app, and add dimensions to your products. See Installing the uShip Shopify App for more information.

2. Click on Apps > uShip.

3. In the uShip app view, click Settings.

4. Under API Token, click “Generate API Token.” Copy the token that appears—you’ll need to paste this into the Advanced Shipping Rules app later.


5. Install the Advanced Shipping Rules app on your Shopify store.

6. Click on Apps > Advanced Shipping Rules.

7. In the Advanced Shipping Rules app view, click Settings, and scroll down to uShip Integration.

8. In the uShip User Token field, paste the token you copied earlier. Click Save User Token.


Display rates from Advanced Shipping Rules

Once you’ve set up uShip as a shipping rate in Advanced Shipping Rules, you’ll need to update your store to use rates from Advanced Shipping Rules instead of the uShip app. Follow the steps in the Shopify Help Center article Set up custom calculated rates to make sure Advanced Shipping Rules is added as a calculated rate, and uShip is removed.


Adding uShip rates to a Product Group

In Advanced Shipping Rules, you can create product groups and assign shipping rates to each group. See the Advanced Shipping Rules help center for more information on product groups.

1. Once the uShip integration is enabled in Advanced Shipping Rules, follow the steps in the Advanced Shipping Rules help center to Add Rates to New Group or Re-configure existing rates to Default Group

2. When prompted to select a Method Type, select uShip.

3. Update any settings as required, such as the origin postal code and rate rules. See the Advanced Shipping Rules help for more information on rate rule. 

4. Click Save.


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