Adding Shopify Products Using CSV Bulk Import


In the uShip Shopify App, you can add and update several products at once by using the Import CSV feature. 

What’s a CSV?

A CSV file is a file that separates values by commas. In this case, the CSV file represents your Shopify product catalog. 

You can modify a CSV file using a spreadsheet editor, such as Google Sheets, or Microsoft Excel. Shopify has a helpful guide for working with CSV files in Google Sheets.

Currently, CSV bulk upload supports 50 products at a time.

Preparing the CSV template file

To download a CSV template file that contains all of your products, click Export CSV at the top of the uShip app.




Open the downloaded file in Google Sheets, or your preferred spreadsheet editor.



Add dimensions for all desired products, including the height, length, width, weight and SKU. If you do not want to add or modify dimensions for a particular product, just leave the dimension fields blank.

To delete the dimensions for a particular product, enter “0” for the Box 1 dimension fields.

Products with variants will have a unique row for each variant. Enter dimensions for each variant separately.

Column definitions

Column Required/Optional Description and notes
Variant ID Optional if SKU is provided

A unique ID for a product variant.

Either a Variant ID or SKU is required for each product.

SKU Optional if Variant ID is provided

The SKU for a product.

Either a Variant ID or SKU is required for each product.

Note: Shopify allows multiple products to have the same SKU, and dimensions will be updated for all products with a matching SKU.
Title Optional The product title. This field is for reference only, and is ignored when uploaded.
Box 1 Length (in)
Box 1 Width (in)
Box 1 Height (in)

The length, width, and height dimensions for a product in inches. 

If these fields are blank for a row, that row will be ignored when uploaded.

    If these fields contain “0”, the dimensions for the product will be deleted.
Box 2 [...] Optional

Dimensions for any additional boxes/pieces. 

The template includes columns for up to 5 boxes, but if you need additional boxes, you can add more columns (20 boxes maximum). Copy/paste all three headers and update the number e.g. "Box 6 Height (in)".

Note: Upon upload, the dimensions of all boxes will be summed to determine the total volume of the boxes.


Importing a CSV

When you are finished, save the file as a CSV.

To import the CSV into Shopify:

1. In the uShip app, click Import CSV and select your updated CSV file.

2. Click Import to start the process.

3. If there were any errors in your CSV, a detailed list of errors will display. Review the errors, update your CSV file and try again.

Once you have clicked Import, the upload will be underway and the window can be closed if desired. If a large volume of products are being synced, it may take a few minutes to show a final confirmation message or display the products in Shopify.

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