Managing Products in the uShip Shopify App


After your Shopify product catalog is synchronized with the uShip Shopify App, you can now manage the product list in the app screen.


To ship a product through uShip, the dimensions and weight of a product are required.

  • Fill out the dimensions on this page for products you wish to ship via uShip. The height, weight, length, width and SKU (or variant ID) is required for integrating with uShip.
  • The weight value is taken from the product’s details. See the Shopify Help Center for more information.

Any products that don’t have this information will be marked as “Incomplete.” Incomplete products won’t have a uShip rate displayed at checkout.

Note: If your store sells customizations to your large and bulky items under a separate SKU, you will need the Advanced Shipping Rules Shopify app to include these dimension-less items. Outside of this case, the uShip app will not permit any item to be shipped without dimensions.

You can filter the product list by typing terms in the Search for Products field.

If you need to add/update dimensions for many products at once, we recommend Adding Shopify Products Using CSV Bulk Import.

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