Installing the uShip Shopify App


The Shopify app provides check-out rates or the potential for free/fixed price shipments for big and bulky furniture or similar items. For more details please contact uShip at

Each implementation of the uShip app may differ based on your particular use case. However, as a general rule, you must have:

  • A Shopify Store
  • An API Key, which can be generated here: uShip API Key
  • A location set on your store
  • Products with a title, description, price, weight, SKU and dimensions

Access your uShip API Key by clicking here: uShip API Key. Log into your uShip account, grant access to generate the key, then copy and paste it into the uShip Shopify App to connect your accounts.


Please see Getting Started with the Shopify App for steps on how to receive shipping rates from uShip. 


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