Installing the uShip Shopify App


The Shopify app provides check-out rates or the potential for free/fixed price shipments for big and bulky furniture or similar items. For more details please contact uShip at

Each implementation of the uShip app may differ based on your particular use case. However, as a general rule, you must have:

  • A Shopify Store
  • A link to the unlisted uShip app
  • A location set on your store
  • Products with a title, description, price, weight, SKU and dimensions

Note: If your store sells customizations to your large and bulky items under a separate SKU, you will need the Advanced Shipping Rules Shopify app to include these dimension-less items. Outside of this case, the uShip app will not permit any item to be shipped without dimensions.

Contact your uShip Account Manager for access to the uShip app. Once you have received the access link, log into your Shopify store, and click the link.

You’ll be presented with a confirmation screen to install the uShip app. Click Install unlisted app.


After a brief loading screen, you’ll see a login screen. Enter your uShip username and password, and click Sign In.


Once you have logged in, you’ll be presented with a screen to synchronize your Shopify product catalog with uShip to obtain shipping prices. Click Sync Products to start the process.

This may take a minute, so you can navigate away from the page while the sync is in progress.SP3.png

Setting up Shipping Methods

After installing the uShip Shopify app, “uShip” will be automatically added as a new calculated shipping rate. See Shopify’s Help Center article, under the section Add a calculated shipping rate, for more information.

Adjusting Shipping Rates in the uShip Shopify App

You can mark up or discount the rates provided by the uShip Shopify App. See Shopify’s Help Center article, under the section Adjusting calculated rates, for detailed instructions.


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