How Density Based LTL Pricing Works


Unlike much of the LTL freight world that uses NMFC and commodity codes to determine freight class, uShip's uses density based freight classes as basis for our LTL rates. The dimensions and weight of your freight are the factors that determine the freight class and thus the pricing. Density based pricing eliminates the all too familiar scenario of arguing with a carrier over what type of commodity you're shipping based on different people's interpretations of an archaic NMFC manual. Weight and dimensions are much more cut and dry and easy to determine than NMFC codes. 

uShip determines density based freight class using the following pounds per cubic feet (PCF) equation. 

Note: 1728 is the number of inches in a cubic foot. 12" x 12" x 12" = 1728

Once the PCF is determined for the entire shipment, the corresponding density based freight class can be found on the National Motor Freight Traffic Association's Commodity Classification Standards Board Density Guidelines chart.



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