Eco-Friendly Shipping


There’s no denying that the shipping industry is hard on the environment. But until we figure out a way to crack teleportation, it’s up to shipping companies (and their customers) to ship as responsibly as they can. At uShip, we’ve boiled it down to two important components: a) creating more efficient shipping scenarios and b) neutralizing our carbon footprint.


One in four trucks in the United States drives around empty, resulting in $188 million in economic waste every year.

Finding a solution to this wasted space and emissions was the inspiration behind starting uShip back in 2004. Today, it continues to drive us (no pun intended) in our efforts to streamline and reduce our own inefficiencies, and get more carriers and shippers on the uShip bandwagon.


1) Always use uShip for your large shipments

We're essentially a rideshare for your stuff, making us the environmentally responsible choice for shipping. We enable carriers to maximize their truck space, keep unnecessary trucks off the road, and reduce carbon-dioxide emissions.

2) Offset your carbon footprint through uShip

For a mere $1.99 per shipment, our hard-working and brilliant friends at TerraPass will offset the carbon footprint of your entire shipment (available to US shipping customers only). Simply choose the Carbon Neutral Shipping option at checkout, and sleep better knowing you’re doing your part to clear the air.

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