Shipping an eBay Purchase


Need to ship your new eBay purchase? We've got you covered.

uShip has partnered with eBay to take the hassle out of shipping large purchases like vehicles and motorcycles. Here's how it works.

1) Get a shipping estimate on an eBay listing by selecting the shipping tab and entering your delivery zip code.

2) Complete your purchase through eBay and connect with your seller to make sure your item is ready to ship, and that details like the transfer of paperwork are settled (vehicle title, bill of sale, etc.) You'll communicate these details to your service provider later.

3) If you're shipping a vehicle, use the eBay shipping tab to select Get Shipping Quotes from the estimate window. We'll automatically import your details. Set your pickup and delivery dates and create your shipment listing as an auction or set price. You should start receiving bids from feedback-rated service providers in no time.

4) Choose your service provider, book, and pay for shipping directly through uShip.

5) Get in touch with your service provider, who'll transport your item from door to door.

It's important to make sure the eBay item you purchased has been paid for, and prepared for shipping, before you book with a service provider. Remember, it's up to the buyer and seller to work out these details, as uShip is not involved in the payment or purchase of eBay items.

All set? Great! You can create an account, and list your shipment to start receiving quotes from service providers for your shipment!

Still have questions? Feel free to contact our Member Support team for more information.



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