What to do After You've Booked a LTL Shipment


Take Pictures

The sad reality is that sometimes damages can occur in transit. The more documentation you have of the item before pickup, the better. Please be sure to take plenty of pictures of your shipment before the carrier picks it up.

Have documentation

Almost as important as taking pictures is making sure you have the proper documentation of your item before shipping. If you're shipping multiple items, you'll want to include an itemized packing slip. Additionally, any manufacturer information regarding the dimensions or weight of what you are shipping can help protect you against additional charges after delivery.

Make sure the Bill of Lading is available at the pickup location

This is incredibly important. If the carrier does not have a copy of the uShip bill of lading at pickup, they might not pick the item up at all. In the case that they do pick it up, they will either have you or your contact at pickup fill out their bill of lading, which does NOT specify that it should bill to uShip. This can lead to you or your consignee being asked for money on delivery. The best way to avoid any of these headache scenarios is to print three copies of the uShip bill of lading- one to attach to the freight, one to hand to the driver, and one for your own records. 

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