Selecting an LTL Published Rate Carrier


There are 30+ LTL Carriers publishing rates on the uShip Marketplace. Your experience will be improved if you take a moment to review the carrier that you are booking with prior to checking out. After you have entered information to receive a quote, you will be presented with carrier options. The points below will help you decide which carrier is most appropriate to move your shipment.

A) uShip is an online marketplace for freight. Shippers leave feedback for carriers and it is available for other shippers to review prior to booking. Shippers can select "View Full Profile" to read feedback from others that have booked with a carrier.

B) When you book with an LTL published rates carrier you are agreeing to their rules tariff. The rules tariff lists all operating procedures, rules, damage policy, and charges associated with shipments and the carrier. If a shipper has any additional concerns above what is presented in the uShip carrier profile, they can be found in the rules tariff. You may click "View Rules Tariff" to be directed to specific carrier tariffs.

C) General Limitations of Liability are presented for carriers. Greater detail about carrier's limitations is found in the rules tariff described above. If you are concerned about coverage amounts in the event of damages to your freight, it is highly recommended that additional insurance is purchased at the time of checkout.

D) If after reviewing the carrier profile you determine that they are not the right fit to move your shipment, you can click "Back to results" to be sent back to Step 2 where you can review other carriers to choose from.

E) Confirm that the pickup date is correct prior to hitting "Book" as this will be the last time that you have the opportunity to change this date before checkout.

F)  Select "Book" to continue to fill out the Bill of Lading and checkout.

G) If you are not ready to book a shipment at this time, you can send yourself an email with all of the quote details. This will make it easy to book the shipment when you're ready.

Please Note: As a general rule, all of uShip's LTL carriers make pickups between 12 PM- 5 PM. If you need to request a different pickup time frame, please read the instructions here.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Center or contact our Commercial Support team by clicking here.


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