LTL Published Rate Damage Claim Process Overview


The sad reality is that damages happen from time to time. If you're concerned about your shipment being damaged, you should consider purchasing uShip Cargo insurance during checkout. This will make any subsequent claim quicker and easier to manage in the event of damage.

Receiving damaged Freight

  • It is always best to take pictures of freight before releasing it to a carrier at origin, this will help prove that the damage occurred while in transit.
  • If the person who will be filing the claim is at the Origin location, then they need to have the freight returned to their location. Take pictures of the freight on the carrier's truck when it arrives at the destination.
  • If the person who booked the shipment on uShip is at the destination, then they need to accept the damaged freight in order to begin the damage claim process. Take pictures of the freight on the carrier's truck when it arrives.
  • If the damage is concealed damage (not visible on the outside of the packaging) it must be noted and reported ASAP. Most carriers have a small time window (a few days after delivery) in which concealed damage can be reported. If there is no outside damage, but there is concealed damage, it is likely that carriers will deny a claim, stating the packaging was inadequate/faulty or that the item was broken before being picked up. 
  • If there is damage to the outside of the packaging, a receiver can either refuse the freight or sign for it with the outside damage noted per piece. If the freight is signed for and accepted, they should then immediately inspect the contents of the freight and report any concealed damage.
  • Photograph the whole process and note any damages on the carrier delivery receipt.

Starting a Damage Claim

  • Expectations must be aligned with reality at the onset of this process. LTL Carriers legally have 120 days to respond with an approved or denied ruling per their rules tariff. This is not a quick process. That means if they do not want to reply to emails and voicemails for 3 months they can legally do so.

Filing a claim if you did purchase uShip Cargo Insurance

  • Log into your uShip account and click on My Shipments to find the shipment in question.
  • Click View
  • Click File an Insurance Claim from the options on the right side.
  • Complete and submit the form.

Filing a claim if you did not purchase uShip Cargo Insurance

  • Go to the uShip help center article LTL Carrier Damage Claim Forms and download a damage claim form from the appropriate carrier. If a damage claim form is not available for your carrier, email and request the form.
  • Work through the damage claim form for your carrier. If you need assistance in providing documentation such as copies of the bill of lading or proof of delivery please email and ask for the appropriate documentation.
  • The shipper MUST include the amount of the damaged freight and the cost of shipping in the claim to the carrier. uShip has to pay the carrier for the damaged shipment and then the shipper will ask for that money back, if there was an additional charge, this amount must be paid to the carrier and then requested back through the damage process.
  • Email to confirm that the invoice for the shipment has been paid. Carriers will not accept claims for shipments with unpaid invoices.
  • Make a copy of your completed damage claim and email a copy to the address listed on the carrier claims form. 


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