Tracking Options


The uShip mobile app for iOS and Android allows you to easily provide location updates to your customers. These updates work seamlessly with your smartphone so you can provide peace of mind by providing your approximate location. 

Once you provide the initial shipment status update, shipping customers will receive automatic email and app notifications at dispatch, pickup and delivery. This reduces the need to call or text them with updates while you're on the road.

How it Works

  • uShip prompts carriers to send these updates based on pre-arranged pickup time and approximate location from shipment pickup and delivery destination.
  • Updates are triggered from the carrier’s mobile app and delivered via email or app notification to the shipping customer.
  • Upon shipment status change, your customer will automatically be sent an email with a link to your approximate location. A map with this same information will be shown to the customer within the app.

You determine when to start sharing an approximate location with your customer from your mobile device. Customers will not see location updates until the shipment status is confirmed as Dispatched or Picked up.

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