Brokered Load Fees


uShip Brokered Loads is a feature that allows qualified Brokers to post loads on the uShip site. Carriers who have been verified through SaferWatch, a third-party affiliate that verifies and monitors carriers' authority, are automatically eligible to bid on these types of loads.

These types of listings can be identified on the Find Shipments page by the presence of one of the following icons:  or 

These listings are excluded from TSP transaction fees. In fact, the only fee for Brokered Loads is a flat fee of either $9.99 or $19.99, depending on the commodity. This amount is paid by the carrier upon booking, and the exact amount is indicated at the top of the listing page. In order to book a Brokered Load, the carrier must have a valid credit card on file. You can find information about how to add a payment method here

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