Tracking Your Shipment


If your service provider has opted into Location Sharing, you can track your shipment via uShip once it's been picked up. In order for this feature to be available, your service provider must have the uShip Mobile App and they must have Location Sharing turned on.

The provider will be prompted to change the status of your shipment based on pre-arranged pickup and delivery times and approximate location. On your listing, you'll see an option to Track Your Shipment. We ping participating providers' phones every hour and provide an approximate (city level) location.

If this option is unavailable, it is because your provider doesn't have location sharing enabled within their app. If your service provider has an iOS device, they can go into the phone's Settings tab and switch the Locations to Always. If they have an Android, they can go into their Settings tab and similarly enable Location Sharing

Of course you can always contact your provider to get an update, and you should feel free to contact Member Support if you're having trouble reaching your service provider. NOTE: If you booked with an LTL Published Rates Carrier, please refer to this article.

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