How to Import an eBay Item


When shipping an eBay item, you are able to pre-fill the shipment listing with information from the eBay auction. Import your auction information to save time when creating your shipment listing. You can choose to import using the eBay item number or by linking your eBay and uShip accounts.

If you would like to link your eBay and uShip accounts...

Click here to learn more about the eBay Shipping Center.

If you would like to import using the eBay item number..

Go through the step-by-step to list your shipment and select that your item is an online classified listing from eBay. Enter the eBay item number and your eBay User ID. You will have the opportunity to edit this imported information and add important details like dimensions, time frame and service type preference. 

 Having issues? Follow the steps below:

1. "Is this an auction item or an online classifieds listing?"

2. Select "Yes, this item can be found at eBay."

3. "How would you like to import this item?" Select, "Import using the eBay item number."

4. Enter the eBay item number and your eBay user ID.

5. Select a custom time frame and enter any specific shipping requirements and continue to post to the marketplace.

All set? Great! You can create an account or if you're already signed in, list your shipment to start receiving quotes from service providers for your shipment! Still have questions? Feel free to contact our Member Support team.

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