Featured & Urgent Listings


One thing you might notice while searching for shipments are the Featured and Urgent Listings. Upgrading the shipment to "urgent" or "featured" gives the listing more visibility in the uShip marketplace, making it one of the first shipments you can see. 

Urgent Listing Upgrade:
Members who choose this option will have a special Urgent icon placed next to their listing. As a service provider, you can view Urgent listings in your search results, and even target your search uniquely to Urgent Listings with the Urgent Listing Filter. As with a Featured Listing, Urgent Listings indicate a willingness to transact quickly – an advantage for both shipping customers and service providers.

Featured Listing Upgrade:
Members who choose this option will have their listing presented in a larger format in a special bordered and highlighted box at the top of every search results page. This allows you to find and view a Featured Listing immediately. The result for shipping customers is more bids, faster. Featured Listings are also a strong signal that a  shipping customer is serious and ready to transact.

We definitely want to encourage you to start searching for, viewing, and bidding on Featured and Urgent listings. Since these customers have paid for these upgrades, you will find that they tend to communicate better and accept bids faster than any other potential customers!

If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Center or contact our Member Support team by clicking here.

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