Expired or Cancelled Bids


Service providers have the ability to set expiration dates and times when they place bids.

By default, a bid will expire 24 hours after your listing ends. However, if a service provider knows they can only book a shipment during a certain time, a bid may expire prior to the end of the auction. Service providers can also cancel bids themselves so that they aren't overbooked and a shipment doesn't have to be cancelled.

You can see if a bid has expired or was cancelled by going to the corresponding shipment and looking at the Status of the bid under 'Bids on this Shipment'. From here, all the bid details are visible. You can also click on the Bid Details button.

If you missed a bid from a service provider, you may be able to request that they place a new bid. Simply click on the Request Rebid button on the corresponding bid.

You can also navigate to a service provider's profile page and click the Request a Bid button there. If you don't see this option, it means that the service provider has chosen not to receive bid requests.

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