Expired or Canceled Quotes


Most quotes will expire 24 hours after your listing has ended - giving you plenty of time to consider your options and make a decision. Keep in mind that on occasion, a service provider may customize the expiration date and time of a quote, or even cancel their quote altogether prior to your listing ending. This is somewhat common due to the time-sensitive natures of carrier schedules.

If you're interested in booking with a particular service provider, check out the expiration date on their quote. You may want to book sooner than later, so you don't miss your chance.

To determine if a quote is expired or canceled, click on your listing and scroll down to Quotes on this Shipment. Here, you can view all of your quote statuses at a glance, or select the down arrow to view Details.

If you're interested in an expired or canceled quote, you may be able to request that the service provider re-quote on your shipment. Click on the username to be directed to their profile page, where you should see the Request a Quote option in the upper left corner. If you don't see this option, it means that the service provider has chosen not to receive quote requests.

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