In-Home Delivery: understanding accessorial fees


In certain situations, a shipment transaction will have been misrepresented, leading the carrier to request additional compensation on top of the originally quoted price. In this scenario, uShip will open up communication between the client and carrier and work with both parties to determine whether the shipment was truly misrepresented. 

If the shipment was found to be misrepresented, the following is a baseline of what we suggest for carrier payout: 

Dry run at pick up or delivery - $100

  • If a carrier makes an appointment for pickup/delivery, and the item isn’t ready or the customer isn’t available to accept delivery, an accessorial fee will be charged. In this case, uShip requires documentation that proves an appointment was made (ex. text or email).

Storage in carrier warehouse or truck - $25 per week

  • This usually occurs when the customer is not able to accept delivery during the scheduled time. If storage is due to carrier delays, no additional compensation is required.

Storage at independent facility - $25 transit costs + cost of storage

  • Carrier must get partner’s approval before placing shipment in an independent storage facility, and receipt is required for compensation.

Partial shipment - full payment code amount of listing

  • In this case, the partner must give sufficient notice (24+ hours before scheduled pickup) that a multi-item shipment is being reduced so a new payment amount can be negotiated. If the carrier arrives at a scheduled pickup and the entire order is not ready, the carrier will still receive the full amount of the payment code. 

Ferry costs required for pick-up and/or delivery - $200 flat fee for carrier time + cost of ferry

  • Carrier required to submit a ferry crossing invoice as proof in order to receive payment.

Flights of stairs upon delivery - $50 per flight of stairs

  • With or without prior notice, this charge is applicable if placement of item(s) is greater than ground floor delivery. This should be noted and signed on the eBOL or paper BOL.

Third man or item(s) over 250 lbs - $65 additional flat fee

  • The partner must give sufficient notice (24+ hours before scheduled pickup) that a third man is required for pickup due to the piece being 250+ lbs. 

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