My Shipments for Carriers



My Shipments is where you manage all of your booked jobs, whether they're in progress, completed, canceled or not yet begun. We've made some exciting updates to this very important page. Read on for the details.

The default view is BOOKED, where you'll see all of your booked shipments ordered by nearest pickup date first. One of the coolest new features we've added is the Search bar. You now have the ability to search by listing title or ID, shipping customer name, and even origin or destination!


Once you mark a shipment as Delivered, it will move from the Booked tab to the Completed tab.


The Alerts section can be found by clicking on the bell icon. Here you'll find pending cancellation requests and shipments needing feedback. You can also view canceled shipments by clicking on the link in the top, right corner. Keep in mind, if there's a red dot on top of the bell, it means something needs your attention.


The ALL tab allows you to see all the shipments you've ever booked - even those that are delivered and paid for. Each listing has a drop down menu on the right which allows you to take actions such as viewing the listing page, checking the booking details, printing a BOL, and requesting a cancellation. Keep in mind that you'll need to navigate to the listing page to change the status of a shipment.


We built this page with you, our carriers in mind. If you have any questions or feedback on the updates, please reach out to Member Support.

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