Protecting Your uShip Account


Phishing, a common form of online identity theft, occurs when a fraudster gains access to your online account by capturing your email or uShip account password. When your account gets phished, criminals may be able to intercept your shipping customers' information and contact them without your knowledge. This means customers can lose money and you can lose valuable bookings.

Common Phishing Schemes

  • Account holder is misled by a scammer to provide login credentials.
  • Account holder’s email address is hacked by the scammer, who can use that email access to reset the password.

Tips to Protect Your Account:

  • If you receive a text or email claiming to be from uShip asking you to log in via a link provided, be skeptical. Look for signs that indicate the URL, website, or sender’s email address is phishy. Expand the email header to see the true email sender. Bad grammar and misspellings are a giveaway.
  • Create a strong password. Use both letters, numbers, and case-sensitive characters. Change your password periodically, and be careful about who you share your password with. If you have several sub-accounts, don’t set the same password for each account, and log out of your account if you're on a public computer.


  • uShip employees will never ask for your password
  • When in doubt, go to to log in to know you’re 100% secure

If you have additional questions about uShip, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Center or contact our Member Support team by clicking here.

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