Applying a Credit


There are two types of credits: cancellation credits, which are created when a delivery is cancelled, and promotional credits, which we give out in the event of a promotion. They are applied the exact same way but are located in two different places within your uShip account.

Applying a Credit

When you book your next delivery, you'll be able to see where the credit has been applied on the checkout page before you complete the booking. If your credit does not cover the full amount owed at the time of booking, you'll be asked to submit your payment information for the remaining balance. 

Viewing Your Credits

Cancellation Credits

If your delivery is cancelled and you've received a credit on your uShip account, that credit can be used within one year of the cancellation's completion. 

Cancellation credits can be found on the Account Summary of your uShip account by clicking on Payments. If you'd like to have this amount refunded contact Member Support.

Promotional Credits

If you've received an account credit for anything other than a cancellation, the credit can be found on your uShip account by going to Payments > View Promotional Credits. This link is only visible if you currently have promotional credits available on your account. These credits have no cash value and cannot be refunded.

Expiration dates for promotional credits can vary. There's a column on your Credit Balance page that will inform you of the exact expiration date of your credit. 

If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Center or contact our Member Support team by clicking here.

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