Pet and Motorcycle Scams


Unfortunately, uShip's brand is being used to promote a transport scheme that originates on online classified sites. The fraudsters post a listing for something like a puppy or a motorcycle online and say they will use uShip for transport. Sometimes, they claim that the delivery is waiting at uShip's headquarters or storage facility. 

They will then attempt to extort money from the victim in segments. First, you pay for the delivery, then they request more money for vaccinations or insurance and they continue to make up costs until the victim catches on. All payments are wired through a service like MoneyGram or WesternUnion. Please review their Fraud Prevention Awareness material by clicking the respective links. 

Click here to see an example email.

We have noticed that, oftentimes the fraudster will attempt to pull on your heart strings in an attempt to get more cash out of you. For example, they may tell you that your new, furry friend is ill and they need help paying the veternary bills.

We have partnered with to inform and educate the masses on this and other types of scams. If you suspect that something might be awry, please contact uShip Member Support for further assistance. 


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