How to Deliver a Piano - Transporter Guide


To say a piano is difficult to move is an understatement. That's why most musicians leave it to the professionals. Follow these tips to book a painless piano move on uShip.

Before You Book

Make sure you know what you're getting into. Use the listing Q&A to confirm the type, weight, and dimensions of the piano you'll be moving. Confirm the number of steps needed to access the piano pickup and delivery locations, both inside and outside the buildings.


After You Book

Come prepared. Bring a crew of at least four movers, including yourself. Make sure you have at least one moving dolly, two pairs of heavy duty furniture straps, moving blankets, and enclosed transportation free of debris.

Practice safe piano moving techniques. Never try to roll a piano on its metal casters. These are primarily decorative and should only be used to budge the instrument a few inches here or there. Get the piano on the moving dollies right away using the furniture straps and manpower. Map out a plan ahead of time, and communicate your strategy with your helpers. Never tilt the piano. Have all helpers on hand throughout every inch of the move until the piano is up the ramp and onto the truck. Whenever you're moving a piano as part of a full household move, remember to get the piano into the truck first before anything else.

Protect yourself against damages. Take photos of the instrument before it leaves the pickup location. Consider signing off on a Bill of Lading to document the pickup and delivery conditions with your customer. Provide a copy of your cargo insurance certificate. This will make for easy claims processing in the unlikely event of damages.

Communicate with your customer. If there are any damages or issues, let your customer know right away. Give your customer a heads up when you're an hour or two away from delivery, to make sure someone is available to accept the piano and release the payment.

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