How to Deliver Heavy Equipment - Customer Guide


Heavy equipment transportation usually requires expert service providers with special equipment and permitting. Fortunately, we have a lot of these companies on our site - so many that we're the dedicated shipping solution for partners such as Ritchie Bros. Follow this guide to book the Heavy Equipment service provider that's right for you. 

Before You Book

Get familiar with heavy equipment pricing. When it comes to heavy equipment, it's difficult for first time customers to know what a fair price is. Use our pricing guide to check out uShip rates on recent listings, so you know what to expect.

List accurate dimensions and weight. This is extremely important, as it determines the type of equipment your service provider will need. Even if your weight and dimensions are imported from an auction site, it's your responsibility to double check for accuracy. If you're unsure, then call the manufacturer, or find the make and model of your equipment online.

Include photos and plenty of details. The more a service provider knows upfront about your delivery, the better the pricing and experience they'll be able to offer.

Consider your equipment options. Depending on your heavy equipment, you might be eligible for tow service, flatbed transportation, or even a special trailer scenario.

Understand your insurance options. Know what is covered under your service provider's insurance, and understand how cargo insurance protects you. Consider purchasing uShip Cargo Insurance at checkout for extra coverage. Make sure you know what your policy covers, and how to make a claim should the need arise.

Select the best service provider for the job. Read feedback and reviews to understand each service provider's experience and performance. Choose a company who specialises in your type of listing. Working with an experienced broker could help take some of the guesswork out of the transportation process. Working directly with an owner/operator could allow you to be more involved in the process and can often result in more personalised service.


After You Book

Prepare your equipment for transport. Take the proper steps to make sure that your equipment arrives safely. Prepare for any extreme conditions during transport. You might need to make special arrangements for overweight or over-sized equipment.

Obtain special permitting for the day of the move. Oftentimes, service providers will take care of this, but don't assume anything. It's important that you oversee this step.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Centre or contact our Member Support team by clicking here.

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